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Pi7Precol-G-3   24K Gold Plated Butterfly
E4Precol-G-4   24K Gold Plated Earrings
E6Precol-G-11   24K Gold Plated Earrings
E9Precol-G-9   24K Gold Plated Earrings
E5Precol-G-6-   24K Gold Plated Frog Earrings
N9AgFl-S-1   Agate
Pi6AgP-S-3-   Agate
E2Bl-Ag-G-1   Agate Cameo and Gold Earrings
N9TAmt-G-1   Amatrine
Br7TAmt-G-1   Amatrine Bracelet
Pi9AthP-S-1-   Amethyst
E7Ath-G-3-W-   Amethyst and 14K Gold
E9Ath-G-1   Amethyst and Gold
N8TAth-S-3-W   Amethyst and Silver
E5BOnxP-G-1-   Black Onyx
N7BlTop-G-2-   Blue Topaz
N8Ci-G-1-   Citrine
Br1TLeCiP-S-1   Citrine Bracelet
Br6TCi-G-3   Citrine Bracelet - SOLD
Pi9CorP-S-1-   Cornelia
N3LaStyPAth-S-W-   Cultured Pearl
N8P-11   Cultured Pearl
E9HawFw-G-3   Cultured Pearl and 18K Gold Plated
N9PAth-G-2   Cultured Pearl and Amethyst
N6PRu-S-2-   Cultured Pearl and Ruby
E5Pem-G-5   Cultured Pearl, Emerald and Gold
E5PRu-G-5-   Cultured Pearl, Ruby and Gold
N8EmP-G-2-W   Emeral and Cultured Pearl
Pi10EmP-S-2-W   Emerald, Cultured Pearl and Silver
N5Amt-G-4-W   Faceted Amatrine (German Cut)
E9G-Ath-G-1   Green Amethyst and 14K Gold
N8Gath-G-4   Green Amethyst and Gold
N6Jd-G-5-W-   Jade, Pearl and Gold
N4LeCiAth-G-2-W   Lemon Citrine and Amethyst
N6TLeCi-G-1-W   Lemon Citrine and Gold
E8JdP-S-1   Lemon Green Jade
N9Mq-G-2   Malachite
N6Moon-StIo-G-1-   Moon Stone
N6MPWQ-G-1-   Mother of Pearl
N6SouP-G-3   Mother of Pearl
Pi9MPFw-G-2-W-   Mother of Pearl, Mobe Cultured Pearl, Gold, Ruby and Silver
Br8P-G-3   Pearl and Gold Bracelet
Br8P-S-3   Pearl and Silver Bracelet
N6WQ-P-S-10-   Pearl and White Quartz
Br9SouP-G-2   Pearl Bracelet
N8Op-G-3-   Peruvian Opal
E8Co-G-12   Pink Coral
E7Co-G-3-   Red Sponge Coral
N7TRQWQ-S-1-W   Rose Quartz and White Quartz
N9RosQWQ-S-1-W   Rose Quartz and White Quartz
N6Ru-S-1-W-   Ruby
6700)-N4RuP-3-W   Ruby and Cultured Pearl
N9Ru-G-2   Ruby and Gold
N6Ru-S-2-W   Ruby and Silver
E6Pe-S-1   Silver and Peridot
Pi12AqP-S-3-W   Silver Coin with Aquamarine and Cultured Pearl
Pur2Alh-Sty-1   Silver Purse
E7SQ-G-2   Smokey Topaz
N7SouP-S-2-   South Ocean Gray Pearl
N9SouP-G-19-W-   South Ocean Mother of Pearl
E9TurqP-S-2   Turquoise
N6TurqP-S-2-   Turquoise
N9Turq-S-2-   Turquoise and Silver
E9WQP-S-2   White Quartz and Cultured Pearl
N5WQ-S-3-W   White Quartz and Silver
N8WQ-Coin-S-2-W   White Quartz and Silver
N6WQ-P-2-W-   White Quartz and South Ocean Mother of Pearls
E8FLWQGar-S-1   White Quartz with Garnet
N9Precol-G-3-   White South Ocean Mother of Pearl with a 24K Gold Plated

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